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Advanced Threat Protection

What is “Advanced Threat Protection” or Advanced Threat Protection.

There are three primary objectives of advanced protection:

Rapid and effective spotting (being able to visualize potential threats before they even have the chance to infect your company or the opportunity to affect your systems), adequate protection (the ability to defend against threats detected quickly and effectively) and ultimately reaction (the competence to mitigate and respond to security incidents).

To achieve these objectives, ATP or PMA services must offer comprehensive solutions, such as:

  • Real-time visibility: Without constant visibility, or else, constant analysis, threats are detected too late.
  • Context: For maximum security, alerts must contain information relevant to the threat to properly prioritize and organize their approach.
  • Informative Awareness: It is impossible to determine whether a threat is capable of causing harm without having an understanding of the information your business possesses, its sensitivities, values, and other risk factors that contribute to an appropriate response.
Advanced Threat Protection

When a threat has been detected, a scan is often necessary. Security centers that offer ATP or PMA services will typically take steps to continuously analyze the computer park and do a deep analysis of the systems, while allowing the company to continue their daily operations without interruption. Threats are prioritized by potential damage and ranked by the sensitivity of the data to risk.

The advantages of offering this service to local businesses are the ability to prevent, detect and react to new and increasingly sophisticated threats that are designed to bypass traditional security systems, including Anti-Virus, Pare- fire as well as IPS / IDS.

Organizations that choose to implement ATP / PMA services are able to detect threats early and respond quickly to minimize risk, impact and recovery in the event of an attack.

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