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Web development

Gestion Informatique Montréal Québec Gatineau Laval Terrebonne

Initial Discusion

With this first discussion, we want to consult you to better understand your ideas and your needs for the implementation of the application.

Some important questions before you start:
  • What are your needs for this application?
  • What functionalities should be implemented in the application?
  • What are the main problems that the application should solve?
  • What are the main services that the application should offer?
  • What impact will this application have on the business?
  • What type of user is this application targeted and how will it be used?


Some questions related to our initial analysis:
  • What kind of manpower will be needed to develop the application?
  • Which technologies will be the most effective?
  • What will be the scope of the project?
Once the scan is complete, the following tasks should be completed:
  • Understand the needs and functionalities of the application.
  • Know the creation process and the time it will take to develop the application.
  • Identify and separate each feature into simpler tasks.
  • Record the different analyzes and approaches of the project in the document.
  • This makes it possible to validate the ways of continuing with the development of the application.
Gestion de projet informatique Laval Montréal Gatineau Québec Terrebonne


In order to allow the development of an application in an efficient way, we opt for the agile method. Agile practice is about better understanding your requirements and finding solutions through a collaborative effort. It allows us to validate that each step takes place within a respectable time, to know the needs to better develop the requested application and to ensure that we can follow the progress of the development of the final product in real time.

Now that you have a better idea of how a web application is developed, you understand that it is a laborious task. This is why at ATK Technologies, you will be involved in every step of the project, in order to ensure a result that suits you.




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